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How can new insulation help fight energy bill rises?

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How can new insulation help fight energy bill rises?
    Investing in improved insulation may help households to cope with significant energy bill rises, particularly as new figures reveal the average cost of keeping a UK home warm has increased by 73 per cent over the past ten years.

This is according to data from a survey carried out by Populus on behalf of Which?, involving some 2,062 participants in total.

The firm's research led to the discovery that the average home's annual energy bills now cost around £1,400, accounting for four per cent of a household's total income, indicating a significant increase in energy expenditure in comparison to a decade ago, when just two per cent of domestic budgets were spent on keeping a property warm.

Which? also found that two-thirds of UK households are concerned about the price of their bills, with three-quarters reporting that they are on a tariff that they consider to be too expensive, often by several hundreds of pounds.

In light of this, the organisation is calling for action to be taken to make energy bill pricing simpler, so customers are fully aware of what they will be paying.

Executive director of Which? Richard Lloyd commented: "There's no doubt that the energy system is failing consumers and needs a shake up.

"Just one in five of us trust energy suppliers to charge us a fair price. The CMA has a great chance to fix things but must be brave and not shy away from tough decisions that show it's on the side of consumers."

But what role can new insulation play in lowering energy bills?

Figures from the Energy Saving Trust show that investing in improved insulation can help to reduce a household's energy expenditure by several hundreds of pounds per year, while also lowering its excess carbon emissions.

For instance, installing solid wall insulation in a semi-detached property could lead to its energy bills being reduced by as much as £260 per year, while fitting loft insulation in the same sized home could see its annual heating costs reduced by up to £140.

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